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Death Kult Legions




“REVEL IN FLESH strikes again! Perfecting their unique blend of early BOLT THROWER and 89/90s SweDeath. Memorable hooks and mega brutal riffage combined to a lethal sonic potion!”
(Dan Swanö)


REVEL IN FLESH was formed by Haubersson (Ex-IMMORTAL RITES) in late 2011. The debut album “Deathevokation” was recorded as a duo with long-time comrade Maggesson (DAWN OF DREAMS, APOPHIS etc.) and was highly acclaimed within the underground scene. The album was produced and mixed in Maggesson's VAULT M. Studios and mastered at UNISOUND Studios by Dan Swanö (EDGE OF SANITY, BLOODBATH etc.). From that point Dan Swanö was involved in all productions of the band so far. Another really important person regarding the visual presentation of the band has been the rising Spanish cover artist Juanjo Castellano, who has been responsible for all album covers, several T-Shirt designs and illustrations thus far.
In spring 2012 the band grew into a full force live band when Vögtsson (Ex- CHAOSREIGN, GRAVEN etc.) on Drums and the two Ex-DEATHVASTATION youngsters Herrmannsgard (Guitars) and Götzberg (Bass) joined. In May 2012 they played their very first show with PAGANIZER from Sweden. The already 3rd gig for REVEL IN FLESH took place on the tent stage of PARTY.SAN Festival and support shows for bands like EVOCATION, DEAD, FLESHCRAWL, BRUJERIA plus a gig at the NOCTURNUS-Festival followed.
In spring 2013 the 2nd longplayer “Manifested darkness” was unleashed. This time the band recruited Dan Swanö for a proper mix & master job and the result offered a major step forward in terms of sound but most of all the whole way of songwriting and expression got much more of a very own touch. More live shows were played (e.g. with VENENUM, OBSCENITY, LAY DOWN ROTTEN or DEADBORN, and at festivals like SUMMER BREEZE, PROTZEN and NRW DEATHFEST) and especially the mini tour with PUTERAEON and the first foreign show in Barcelona (with GRAVEYARD) were kinda milestones for the band.
In 2014 REVEL IN FLESH released several split-7” EPs (w/ PUTERAEON, FERAL, GRAVE WAX and THE DEAD GOATS) and played more great shows with ENTRAILS, HOLY MOSES, FLESHCRAWL or KATAKLYSM and festivals like IN FLAMMEN.
After fulfilling their old contract REVEL IN FLESH signed a new deal with the already familiar business partner CYCLONE EMPIRE.
Finally the gates are opened for the release of the 3rd and so far most detailed album “Death Kult Legions”. It combines almost two years of in-depth songwriting and production process. The album still represents the real Death Metal fan dedication, for which REVEL IN FLESH always stood, but the whole material itself has certainly a very own character: Darker, more atmospheric, more varied but nevertheless still filled with brutality and the classical HM2 Death Metal distortion in your face!!! Deathheads beware!!!

Haubersson – Vocals
Maggesson – Guitars
Vögtsson – Drums
Herrmannsgard – Guitars
Götzberg - Bass


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released December 5, 2014


all rights reserved



Cyclone Empire Salach, Germany

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